How I made $2300 from selling websites and my current journey

Hôm nay mình xin được giới thiệu với các bạn về câu truyện của 1 người bạn trong nhóm MMO của mình. Với khả năng lập trình và thành thạo tiếng Anh, chàng trai này đã có những thành công nhỏ và luôn duy trì đam mê để tiếp tục với con đường MMO phía trước.

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## How I made $2300 from selling websites and my current journey

I never consider myself successful or anything like that, I think of success as a never-ending journey.

My history with MMO dated back to 2009. Back then I was young (I was 21). I made several websites, but my most successful websites were: a NSFW website (made $300/month), a PTU website (made $400/month). Man, for a 21 yo guy, I was rich. But then everything was saturated, and everything went down to a big Zero. I had stopped MMO since 2012.

2 years ago, I started MMO again: Amazon Affiliate. I started by making niche websites. First few websites never thrived. Not much of a surprise since I had no experience at all. Then after a year (I think), 2 of my websites started to make some money. Both of those websites’ niches are shoes, cause I like shoes. After few months, I decided to sell those 2 websites, because at that time, I was so busy with my fulltime work, and SERP are starting to decline.

Website #1 was making steady $200/month at that time, website #2 was making about $100/month. I found the buyers through a small group on skype, I know the buyers pretty well, and they had supported me since I started my niche sites. So I sold those websites cheap (I think) and made $2300 from that (take a look at the first picture).


What’s am I doing now? With the budget above, I’m working on 3 projects:

1. A website that helps people to buy pc parts. Think of it like a PC builder. I’m developing this from scratch. Oh, forgot to tell you guys that I’m a web developer.
2. An authority site (gadget niche): 2 weeks old, targeting low competition keywords. SERP are 2nd picture. 1 article per week.
3. An other authority site (kitchen niche), also targeting low competition keywords. Still building this one.

With all the experience and testing from my previous websites, I think it’s time to go big.

I’m testing the water with #2 & #3 website. #2 website will have review & information articles, on the other hand, #3 website will have only review articles. #2 has no sale yet, but fingers cross.

 Lastly, I know making money online is not easy. Treat it like a business, put your time and heart into it, don’t give up, and soon, you’ll see fruits on your tree.Hope you guys like my story.


Great men are not born great, they grow great . . .

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